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27 Jun

Property Disclosure Statement


Posted by: Adam Hawryluk

What is a Property Disclosure Statement?

When homeowners list their property for sale, they will be asked to complete a Property Disclosure Statment.  This document will give potential buyers more detailed information about the condition of the property they are viewing. 

What should be included in a Property Disclosure Statement?

The PDS itemizes potential problems such as asbestos insulation, unauthorized rental suites, renovations done without a permit and unregistered easements or encroachments, and includes a wide range of questions such as:

  • Are you aware of any past or present underground oil storage tanks(s) on the premises?
  • Are you aware of any moisture and/or water problems in the walls, basement or crawl space?
  • Are you aware if the premises have been used as a marijuana grow operation or to manufacture illegal drugs?
  • Are you aware if the property, or any portion of the property, is designated or proposed for designation as a “heritage site” or of “heritage value” under the Heritage Conservation Act or under municipal legislation?

There are separate disclosure for residential, strata title properties and rural properties.


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