As a first time home owner I had lots of questions and was feeling pretty overwhelmed with the whole process. Because of Adam, getting a mortgage was probably the easiest part of this lengthy, and stressful process. I really appreciated his patience when answering all of the questions I had (sometime over and over again). I also found him to be very prompt in getting back to me either over email or on the phone when I needed anything. Over all, it was a very professional, personable and stress-free experience for me. I would recommend Adam to my friends without a second thought. –Gene C.

Adam was professional, knowledgeable and effective. He was able to get us mortgages on two properties faster and with less-hassles than the bank that we had been dealing with for years.  We couldn’t have been happier

– Ryan S.

I thought Adam honesty was great, but it was his ability to help me relax in what is a very stressful situation that helped the most. He was very knowledgeable, answering all my questions, while always being friendly. – Jeff D.

I never hesitate to recommend Adam to anyone I care about.  Mortgages are pretty big deals and can be intimidating — you are really putting your financial security into the hands of your broker, and I absolutely trust Adam to find the best one to fit my and my family’s unique needs. He is entirely professional while being personable and down to earth, and he is quick to point out that his integrity and reputation depends on doing right by his clients, always.  And as a mom of young kids and family budget manager, I treasure the family events that he and his professional colleagues host several times a year — we always have a wonderful time making treasured memories at them. –Laura and Chris H.

My husband and I were thankful that we used Adam for our new mortgage as he was professional and very efficient. He found us a great interest rate that was below the going rate at the time. If you want to get your mortgage approved quickly use Adam as you will not be disappointed.


I have been acquainted with Adam Hawryluk for several years as a result of his prolific and generous involvement in the Nanaimo business community.  I recently had the opportunity to engage Adam for my mortgage transaction and was very impressed with his service.  Adam acted quickly in response to a short timeline and ensured that everything proceeded smoothly.  He was personable and professional and took the time to answer my questions in a way that made sense to me.  I would highly recommend Adam to those considering engaging his services.


Adam provides a relaxed, non-judgemental environment to ‘start from scratch’ for someone looking to understand the many facets of a mortgage.  As a first-time home buyer, I met with Adam a number of times over the course of a few years as I looked to purchase.  When I was ready, he was able to meet and discuss the details and move the deal to completion on a tight time frame. I especially appreciate when service providers share their personal situations and insight to inform their client’s understanding, which Adam was open and willing.  Thanks Adam!


Adam was an excellent resource to work with. We’ve used him to buy 2 homes – our current residence as well as a 2nd rental house – and both times we had many questions; Adam was able to clarify everything to help us understand the process and make us feel comfortable, and he always replied in a timely manner. We would recommend Adam to anyone considering purchasing a home.

-Kathy & Jason C.

Adam was easy to deal with when it came to securing us a mortgage at a very competitive rate. We were able to complete most of the application process electronically, which minimized the amount of time spent in meetings and travelling to meetings. We found Adam to be personable and professional and will use him again when it comes time to renew.

-Quintin and Aly W.

I recently went through the daunting task of buying my first home, and I am so glad that my realtor recommended Adam Hawryluk as a mortgage expert. He took the time to explain everything to me, a newbie in the housing market, with the utmost patience. He never once made me feel like I was asking a stupid question and went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable with every step of the process of getting a mortgage. I could tell that he cared about the work that he did and the clients that he worked for. If you are looking for a knowledgeable mortgage expert that is professional and trustworthy, I would definitely recommend Adam.